An Interview with

Dr. Cheri

Why did you create The Adventure Prescription?

My original interest in integrative medicine was driven by personal health issues, and I spent over a decade dedicated to my own healing journey. Learning how to manage and recover from illness motivated me to pursue medical training, allowing me to fulfill my life purpose of empowering and inspiring others to live healthy, happy, and full lives. Today, I have the honor of working with patients to help them identify the root cause of their suffering by providing individualized tools and resources to help bring their bodies back into balance.

This platform is a creative outlet for my passion. An opportunity to make integrative health affordable and widely accessible. An avenue to share people, places, and experiences that inspire vitality and growth. If you are feeling out of balance in any way, I hope The Adventure Prescription inspires you to make a positive shift in your life in order to bring you one step closer to optimal health and fulfillment.

What is optimal health?

Most people have acquired a misguided definition of the word “healthy” believing that a healthy lifestyle means restricting yourself from things you enjoy. Optimal health is quite the opposite! When you are truly healthy you have the ability to live life to the fullest without physical or mental limitation.

What does adventure have to do with health?

Adventure is usually thought of as an unusual and exciting experience or activity, specifically the exploration of the unknown. Typically, we associate adventure with travel, and this form of adventure can be a fantastic tool for growth! It is one of the best ways to immediately step out of your life and evaluate routines, relationships, and patterns from a bird’s eye view. Adventure can also be applied to your health journey. When you view your journey to optimal health as an exciting adventure, exploring new behaviors and lifestyle habits is less burdensome and can even be fun! I hope this blog inspires you to try something new, expand your perception, and ultimately make a shift that will help you move one step closer to optimal health.

What is your food philosophy?

I believe that food is medicine and individualization is key. The more we learn about nutrigenomics and the microbiome, the harder it is to subscribe to one particular diet. Cooking is a therapeutic process for me, and I love sharing recipes that encourage others to get creative in the kitchen and prove that eating healthy can be satisfying and delicious!

What are your certifications and degrees?

My educational background consists of naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, obesity management, mind-body medicine, constitutional homeopathy, corporate wellness, and anti-aging medicine. If you want to learn more, feel free to check out my professional bio at

Do you make money from this site?

I do not allow ads on this website. All information is free with the exception of a modest fee for advanced educational courses in order to help cover the cost of operation and production. Some posts and pages include affiliate links, which means that The Adventure Prescription may receive a commission if you choose to purchase something through the links provided. I only include and recommend products that I personally use and trust. I also strive to provide links that give you the best discount available.

This site is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. I recommend scheduling an appointment with a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor for the best care, direction, and individualized treatment plan.